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Dead Poet Society Conflicts

            Like a virus spreads through the body and kills healthy cells, Head Master Nolan and his rule of conventionality slowly but thoroughly deteriorated the value of a well-rounded education and the idea of free spirit. Throughout the motion picture Dead Poet Society, starring Robin Williams as an English teacher, a group of young men begins to understand the experience of self-fulfillment in education. They discover that the journey towards greater self awareness is much more valuable than the previously established ethics tradition, honor, discipline, and excellence which were taught by Mr. Nolan. This rule of orthodoxy leads to a series of conflicts which slowly reduces the effectiveness and purpose of a truly complete education. The first of three major conflicts occurs when a father disapproves of his son's decision to become an actor. The second and most significant major quarrel in this movie occurs when the English teacher Mr. Keating, who teaches with free spirit, gets reprimanded by Mr. Nolan, one who lives by tradition and obedience. Mr. Keating is a sensitive, yet understanding teacher who understands his students well and can relate to them. The final major conflict occurs between Cameron, a betraying young man, and his group of friends whom together make up a secret poetry club located outside the school grounds. Because of the above mentioned conflicts that occur within the school, a series of tragic events occur which could have been prevented if a more liberal, open attitude was present throughout the teaching facility known as Welton Academy Preparatory school for Boys. .
             The first major conflict at Welton involved a young adult who strived to be an actor, yet was unable to do so because of his strict father. When Neil, a son with incredible acting talent, developed his love for acting, his father placed nothing upon him other than guilt and disapproval. Neil eventually decides to disobey his father.

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