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Dead Poets Society

            The plot takes place in the Welton Academy, a very strict private school.
             The pupils are taught by the four mottos: tradition,.
             discipline, honor and excellence.'till Mr.Keating, an english teacher,.
             who himself graduated from the school a number of years earlier. He is.
             liberal, modern and has new ideas and teaching methods. He tries to show the.
             students the life of another point of view. The pupils accept his methods.
             and are passionately interested in those things, especially in the way.
             Mr.Keating shows them poetry. Inspired of this they found a club called the.
             "Dead Poets Society". There they read out poems and write poetry.
             The main protagonists are surely Mr. Keating, the teacher, Neil Perry,.
             atalented young man, whose father planned all of his life and puts him under.
             pressure, he ignores Neil's greatest passion : acting. Also important.
             persons are Todd Anderson, a very shy boy, who always lived in the shadow of.
             his older brother, because he was one of Welton's best absolvents ; Knox.
             Overstreet, who is madly in love with a girl, also a very shy guy. Both of.
             them are Neal's best friends.
             One day Neal has a performance of a play, but his father forbids him to play.
             a day before. Nevertheless Neal decides to do it, but the destiny wants that.
             his father comes to the performance. After the play his father takes him.
             home, and there Neal finally becomes independent of his father by commiting.
             The plot shows the generation conflict as seen in the problems between.
             students and parents or in the teaching methods of the young Mr. Keating and.
             the old, conservative headmeaster.
             Mr. Keathing tells them "carpe diem" which means to seize the day, to make.
             the most of the life and to make one's life extraordinary. He shows them how.
             to use the poetry (he uses it to illustrate his points) and he opens up a.
             new world to the boys. Independence is one of his motto's. He teaches his.
             students to listen to their own voices, to get rid of old habits and to see.

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