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             Did you know that that 15-20% of population has a readying disability and 85% of them have dyslexia according to the International Dyslexia Association. This is a large number in my mind. Many times in school kids get made fun of because they can not read and care call stupid. When in fact they probably have a form of dyslexia. We have all heard the word dyslexia from time to another, but do we really know anything about it? I wanted to get a more in depth look at what makes someone have dyslexia and I also wanted know if it was cure? When I started to thinking about it I end up finding that I had a lot of questions and felt it was important to find the answers and had the need to know more.
             What is dyslexia? According to Researchers is a syndrome of many and varied symptoms differing in intensity;some dyslexics will have severe reading, spelling and speech difficulties while others will have major problems with only math, memory and concentration. Yet all suffer from an inner-ear-determined dysfunction. Well this is all dandy and everything but what does it really mean. Dyslexia is a problem that effects the inner-ear and the cerebellum. The inner-ear plays a vital role in dyslexia. Some people that have dyslexia are unable to process the information that they are hearing and creates problems with their speech, reading, and writing. The cerebellum plays a important role to because that is the station for are motor skills. When information is received it is unable to process it back out. This creates a problem with writing, balance, and many other things. Dyslexia is something that effects the way we learn creating learn disabilities. .
             When trying to find out if you have dyslexia you should keep in mind some of the top 10 problems to look for according to International Dyslexia Association and Levinson Medical Center for Learning Disabilities:.
             Learning to Speak and Speech Problems.
             Reading Skills.

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