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             Dyslexia is a neurological syndrome in which other wise normal people have difficulty reading and writing. There are few different types of dyslexia, reading, writing and mathematics. .
             Many misconceptions go along with dyslexia, for example, people with dyslexia are mentally retarded, have vision problems or even labeled as just "dumb" (Connelly 18). .
             There are very detectable symptoms of dyslexia when a person is reading. Some of the people with dyslexia may skip words; reverse the order of letters in a word for example, was for saw (galenet 1). In addition, a person with dyslexia will be unable to distinguish between common letters and sounds. When a dyslexic person is reading aloud they might distort, substitute, omit letters or words. .
             Throughout all economic classes and intelligence ranges of people, about one in 25 is dyslexic in the field of reading (Connelly 18). The commonness of dyslexia in the United States is estimated to be about four percent of school-age children (Connelly 19). With those who are diagnosed with a reading disorder sixty to eighty percent are male (galnet 1). So many boys are diagnosed because the boys call more attention to their problem than girls do (galnet2). It is not uncommon for a person with dyslexia to get A's in science but to fail English.
             Many people from around the country and world also suffer from the disorder of written expression. Students with the written form of dyslexia also reverse letters, make grammatical or punctuation errors within sentences, have poor paragraph organization skills, multiple spelling errors and excessively poor handwriting (Connely 22). When students have to take standardized writing tests in this area they are less able to do as well as they would on a reading or arithmetic tests (Connely 22). Teachers find out how severe the disorder is by giving the student a number of tests such as to copy information, writing to dictation, and writing spontaneously.

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