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Jim morrison

             Although Jim Morrison was a genius, he eventually made poor decisions that ultimately led to his demise. He once was a kid, he then was a teenager, then a young adult sadly he didn't make it to be an older person. He changed many times during his life. The biggest change however was when he was a child and saw something that not every child might have seen everyday (Toblez).
             Jim's early life was normal at first. James Douglas Morrison "Jim" was born in Melbourne, Florida on December 8, 1943. His parent's names were Steve and Clara Morrison. James father was a navel admiral, which means Jim and his brother and sister moved around more then most children do. Moving around filled Morrison with knowledge from different places around the globe. Then one moment which was one of the worst, or best things Jim had ever seen was, one his drive through the desert with his family in New Mexico, he saw dead Indians on the road. He saw someone hit the Indians with a truck. He then had dreams about the Indians he saw that day. As he looked in the Indians eyes as they were dying it was as if though souls went into his body and there still their (James). .
             That moment in his life changed him and his words for the rest of his life. It turned him to music. As a child and on to his teenager years he became very smart. He excelled in school and literature. Jim graduated from George Washington high school in Alexandria. He went to Florida State, he then wanted to move to California and attended UCLA to study theater. He enjoyed to write poems and writing movies. He then one day after a presentation people laughed at his work. He then quit and turned to drugs.
             He went to the desert and stayed out there for one month. He wrote lots of poems which later becomes a big part of Morrison's lyrics to his songs. Morrison was walking down a street off the beach in Los Angeles where he met the women of his life, her name was Pam Courson (The Doors).

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