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Psychoanalytic Approach to Jim Morrison

            Jim Morrison suffered from a major dramatic accident, as well as continued drug and alcohol abuse in his teen and adult years. If a therapist was to analyze Jim in the last year of his life, they would view these as major parts of his id and superego unconscious based on Sigmund Freud's ideas on Psychoanalysis. Repression occurs when the unconscious tries to forget something. Jim most likely acted in ways he did because he was trying to forget about bad repressed in his childhood. Good therapists like Freud would free association and analyze the contents of Jim's dreams and their interpretations in order to recognize and work on long standing conflicts. .
             In cognitive behavioral therapy, a therapist might used Mary Cover Jones' idea of systematic desensitization to introduce a new way of relaxing Jim and inhibits fear and anxiety that he may have suppressed in his lifetime. Focusing on what Jims current behaviors were when he was an adult would help identify the problem behaviors that need to be worked on. Behavioral therapists believe that these problem behaviors can be adaptive to turn into healthy and normal positive behaviors over time. Albert Ellis had the idea that "you largely feel the way you think" (Ellis). Also he felt that "people are not disturbed by things but rather by their view on things" (Ellis). Using rational-emotive therapy, Jims idea of 'must' that caused him stress and depression could be changed to something more along the idea of 'I would like to, but if not that's okay" mentality. .
             Jim suffered with the irrational beliefs that past history is an all important determinant of one's behavior. Since Jim was depressed, a therapist would look into cognitive biases in major depressive disorders. These include such examples as arbitrary inferences, which is a negative conclusion with lack of evidence. Also Jim would over generalize many things in his song lyrics causing him to draw a global conclusion based on an isolated incident, and magnifying over exaggerating negative events.

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