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Jim Morrison

             The life of a legend rock star and leader of young people is full of chaos, tiring touring around the world, and sometimes troubles with authority figures. Jim Morrison, a figure of mystery and controversy, was also a poet, rock star, sex symbol, drug taker, and many even consider him a genius. He went through a very interesting life testing all the boundaries. He had taken psychedelic drugs over two-hundred and fifty times trying to expand his mind. He was a man that lived fast and died at a young age. .
             Birth, family, and Schooling.
             Jim Morrison came into this world on December 8, 1943, Melbourne, Florida. Morrison completed high school in Alexandria, Virginia He was a good looking man at 5"11, 145 lbs, brown hair, blue gray eyes. When he was young his favorite music was the Beach boys, Kinks, Love, Sinatra, and Presley.
             Jim's father's name was Steve Morrison and he was an offiecer of the navy. Because of his job Jim did not get the attention that he needed as a child. Jim's Mother's name was Clara Clarke. Jim had a sister named Anne, and younger brother amed Andy. He's had many strange occurrences during his childhood. One time when Jim was twelve, the family went tobogganing near Albuquerque. they were sledding really fast straight toward a cabin, and they were on the collision course heading right at it. Anne and Andy were tyring to bail out, but Jim held them in and wouldn"'t let them out. their father stopped them from hitting the cabin wall just in time, and Anne and Andy rolled out of the sled crying. Jim's dad questioned him on why he did it and Jim replied, "We were just havin" a good time. .
             Another moment that Jim said changed his life is when Jim and the rest of the family were on a road trip on a highway near Santa Fe. they came across an overturned truck and saw some Pueblo Indians laying unmoving on the ground. Steve, Jim's father, rant out of the car and told another onlooker to call an ambulance.

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