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Big Blonde

             Being truly happy has a lot to do with a person's view of self worth. Those with a high view of self worth do not let outside people or influences alter their behavior or their opinions of themselves. Those with a low view of self worth find themselves often in precarious situations because they let themselves be influenced into becoming what others want them to be. In the story "Big Blonde" by Dorothy Parker, conformity and melancholy are the driving forces that influence Hazel's behavior and ultimately lead to the collapse of her character. .
             Conformity is the biggest factor leading to the breakdown of character at the story's conclusion. At the dress establishment where she works, men gravitate toward Hazel and often ask her to go out with them. Many a night is spent with the men that she meets, and from these nights come the beginnings of her conformist behavior. "Popularity seemed to her to be worth all the work that had to be put into its achievement." She repeatedly states, "Men liked a good sport." In other words, she acts in a way as to make the men that she goes out with like her. She becomes the good sport through her sense of humor and her laughter. This is how she meets Herbie, her husband. He is instantly attracted to her because of these qualities, and they are married six weeks after they meet. Once comfortably married, Hazel begins showing other emotions. "She had not realized how tired she was. It was a delight, a new game, a holiday, to give up being a good sport." She finds joy in crying and in sadness. "To her who had laughed so much, crying was delicious. All sorrows became her sorrows." Herbie is not accustomed to the constant crying, and soon becomes resentful. Herbie is the first person to teach her .
             that it is not okay to show emotions other then happiness. The resentful feelings that Hazel's crying evoke are the beginning of the demise of their marriage.

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