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Prince Caspian

             The book that i chose to read for this book review was Prince Caspian. Prince Caspian is a part of a Trilogy called The Chronicals of Narnia. It is book number four out of seven books. The major conflict in this book is the King, who tries to kill his nephew, Prince Caspian, because he wants his new born son to become king. So Prince Caspian hears word of this throught his half Dwarf/ half human teacher. So then Caspian runs away and runs into some Dwarfs that also despies the King and want him out of the throne. The the king discovers that Caspian is gone and begins "hunting him down" with his "troops". .
             Now on a totally different page, There are these four kids named Adam, Peter,.
             Susan and Lucy. They were once Kings and Queens, and Prince and Princesses of Narnia.
             They were pulled from England into Narnia to the ruins of their old castle called Cair.
             Paravail. ( Now this is very important and i must tell you, a year in Narnia is like one second in England, and Narnia is a whole different world!) This happend because Caspian blew a special horn that would send help to them, and it brought the four kids back to Narnia, but not where Caspian was. The four kids found a Dwarf that was searching for them so he could take the four kids back to Caspian and all of the other Dwarfs and talking animals to help fight this battle. Now the Dwarf and Edmund, Peter, Susan, and Lucy are in search for Caspian, and their is very little time till the King finds Caspian.
             The main characters in this book are the four kids from England, that were also Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses, who are Edmund, Peter, Susan, and Lucy. Susan is the oldest, then it's Peter (Peter is basically the leader, and Susan follows along and helps make decisions.) then it is Edmund, ( He likes to argue alot and tries to bo incharge of things.) then it is Lucy, who is very determind and puts her mind to just about anything and everything.

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