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How are the salem witchtrials driven by personal vengence?

            Topic: How are the Salem Witch trials driven by personal vengeance?.
             In today's society, people often envy their neighbors for what they achieve and accomplish. As seen in The Crucible by Arthur Miller, Salem Massachusetts in the seventeenth century was no different, many people wanted what their neighbors had, and because of these wants, the Salem witch trials became a weapon for people wanting to get personal satisfaction. The Salem Witch Trials were greatly influenced by jealously.
             One of the reasons why people are jealous of their neighbors is because of the amount of money they have or the person's status. In the 1700's, Salem was no different. Putnam, who was a wealthy man in Salem, was visibly jealous of the Paris who held the highest position in the town which was the Reverend. When Paris's daughter became suddenly sick, Putnam was in a hurry to point out that she may be a witch. When Putnam saw that Paris's daughter Betty was lying on the bed covering her ears while the psalm was being sung he said "That is a notorious sign or witchcraft afoot, Goody Nurse, a prodigious sign!" He said this because he disliked Paris and he was looking at any possible way to strike him a hard blow. Putnam first became jealous when his brother-in-law was turned down for the position of reverend and Paris got it. From the time Putnam heard of Betty Putnam being bewitched, he was in a hurry to try to gather proof like when he told Goody Nurse to mark her not being able to listen to the psalm as a sign.
             Some women in the world are blessed with the ability to make many healthy children and that was the case with Goody Nurse who never lost a child or grandchild. Because of Goody Nurse's good reputation with children, Goody Putnam was furiously jealous because she had lost all of her children but one. Right before the trials, while Goody Nurse was over at the Putnam's residence checking Ruth, Goody Putnam said "You think its God's work you should never lose a child either, and I bury all but one? There are wheels within wheels in this village, and fires within fires.

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