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Stem Cell Research

            "Should Stem Cells be Used From Spare Human Embryos?".
             Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have the ability to develop into any other cell in the body. Many researchers have high hopes that one day they may be able to use this special property of stem cells to help cure people with severe illnesses such as heart disease, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer by creating replacement cells and even organs from these stem cells. Currently, there are two types of stem cells. These are, the adult stem cells that are harvested from adult tissues of the person and embryonic stem cells that are harvested from a four day old embryo which is known as the blastocyst. .
             The real controversy over embryonic stem cell research has centered around the fact that extracting stem cells from the embryo, causes the stem cell to die. While researchers and supporters of embryonic stem cell research have tried to justify this unnecessary loss of life by promoting the potential benefits as a result of embryonic stem cell research, many of these have been blown out of proportion. The truth is that there it is impossible for embryonic stem cell treatment to work at all and that killing embryos for the sake of medical research is inhuman and immoral. Stem cells should not be used from spare human embryos.
             Firstly, there is absolutely no way that embryonic stem cells could ever be used as a source of treatment. The scientific community who support the use of embryonic stem cells for the purpose of treating these diseases are untrustworthy, biased and inhumane whose sole purpose in supporting the use of stem cells have been for their own vested interests. They have banked on the ignorance of society as a whole to advertise the so-called miracle effects of using embryonic stem cells as a source of treatment. In reality any cells or organs developed from embryonic stem cells would be incompatible with the patient requiring these cells or organs as they would have different antigens (proteins that differentiate the body's own cells from foreign cells) from the patient.

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