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Waiting for rain

            Frikkie and Tengo are the two main characters in the story Waiting for the Rain. Frikkie is a white boy who has a Dutch descent while Tengo is a native black African boy. Frikkie hates school while Tengo dreams to receive an education. Frikkie likes working on his uncle's farm and playing around. However, reading books and playing clay are Tengo favorites. There friendship changes over time from youth to adulthood. Tengo is always very curious about everything that he does not know and likes asking himself questions. So he moved to a city called Johannesburg (Country verses City).
             Tengo's physical appearance, knowledge, and viewpoints of things change as the time goes by. When Tengo was little, he used to be short and skinny because he was sometimes starved and could not get enough nutrients. However, he grew up to a tall, strong young man in his late youth. Tengo loves reading and learning at school. His desire of knowing and understanding how everything works has always been strong. Therefore, the more he learns, the more knowledgeable he becomes. Besides, under the influence from some incidents that happen around him, Tengo changes his viewpoints toward things, especially apartheid. When he lived on the farm with his parents, he did not know anything about apartheid, and nor did he realize the injustice between black and white people in the country. However, later on he began to understand that the way black people were treated poor as slaves was not fair. Tengo has different interests during different stages of his life. Tengo is gifted with an artistic clay modeling talent. During his spare time on the farm, he sculptured clay figures of animals, people, and plants. Tengo had, of course, a great deal of conflicts in his mind and he then filled his head with history, math, and science books. Furthermore, Tengo used to like farm works in his childhood, but then he liked learning better as the idea that learning gives him the power to change his family's status became stronger.

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