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Waiting for the Rain

            Waiting for the Rain was inspired by the unjust policy of apartheid in South Africa. During the unfair treatment a young boy endured, he had to decide if the value of friendship can overcome extreme tensions risen by a unfavorable system.
             It all began on a farm on the South African veld. Tengo was a black boy who laborer on the farm of Frikkie's uncle. As a child, he was blinded from the unfairness and hardships, and found thorough bliss in a young companion. Frikkie was definitely recognized as higher status. He was accustomed to privileges, such as freedom and schooling, and did not have to encounter the poverty and afflictions of Kaffirs (the black boys). Despite such liberty, he desired nothing more than the visits to his uncle's farm, where one of the joys of his short stays in the rural area was his friendship with Tengo. .
             As Tengo grew, he became deeply disturbed by the political, legal, and social constraints placed on him, his family, and the colored people of the nation by the government and by society. He began to recognize the unfairness and prejudice to his people. He craved knowledge, believing that it was capable of answering his unanswerable question and bringing about change to the discriminatory ways. He yearned for the education and rights of the white. Frikkie, on the other hand, wished for nothing more than to work on his uncle's farm and to someday inherit it. .
             The two boys matured and went their separate ways; Tengo moved into the township in order to attend a school for colored people. He succeed at his studies, and dreamt of one day schooling in the United States, after he received a scholarship for his outstanding achievements. The text motivated him, it was phenomenal how his bewilderment began to diminish as he became a top scholar. Frikkie, however had already complete his schooling and wrote his matric exams, and began his two years of government mandated military service.

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