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condom dsitribution and sex ed

            Condoms distribution and sex education.
             Every year thousands of teenagers become pregnant or contract an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease). The consequences of teen sexuality are of great concern to society in overall. Sexual behavior among teens has been studied for the past decades and studies have shown that there is a rapidly increasing rate of sexual intercourse among young people. A solution to the problem has been to include sex education and distribution of condoms in high schools. Some people were able to accept sex education in high schools, but many were opposed to the condom distribution. To me both options most be imposed to reduce the increase rate of venereal diseases, abortion, neglected children, and sadly enough, even death.
             Some parents and educators feel that allowing condoms to be distributed out in schools is simply encouraging teenagers to have sex. I think they are wrong; instead of encouraging usage it encourages responsibility. It will increase the rate of actually sexual intercourse but at the same time it lets students know that the community cares about their health and well being.
             School is a safe place where children go to experience, grow, understand and learn. They learn to make healthy and intelligent choices so that they may live a productive and safe life. Condom distribution in high schools will make teens more likely to use them and reduce the risk of pregnancy and venereal diseases. Condoms raise awareness about sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. .
             It is better to use condoms because the contraceptives such as birth control pills can be extremely expensive to young people, and can create increased body weight, and change of mood. Condoms offer 98% of effectiveness and reduced amounts of STD's without the side effects of some birth control drugs. .
             If students can get condoms at school then they do not have to worry about being too ashamed to buy them in stores.

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