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            The diseases and side effects of Obesity.
             Obesity is been talked about for generations and the media never leaves a chance without talking about it. There are two sides: one that states you should eat all you want, it's your choice and you have the freedom to pick and choose and do anything with your body and the other side states that you should have weight control and exercise and balance your calories. As the medical association states obesity has a lot of different problems. It may lead not only to health problems but also to social problems. Being overweight and obese are two different things according to the BMI but people usually tend to generalize the idea of being overweight by saying the person is obese. Some people weigh less than average for their height because they have smaller bones and muscles. Others are underweight because they have less fat. In either case, being underweight is not unhealthy. But people may be underweight as the result of a disease such as cancer or diabetes. I look at obesity and think of diseases; this is because of family history. My whole family is practically considered overweight according to the BMI and has diseases that are even unheard off. There is a lot of factors that contribute to being overweight or obese and we will take a look at them.
             Obese people are more likely to get certain diseases than healthy people. The treatment of these diseases among the obese is also less likely to succeed. Such diseases include appendicitis, diabetes, and diseases of the heart and blood vessels, especially coronary heart disease. An obese patient with one of these diseases has a better chance of recovery if they start to exercise or watch their caloric intake. Obese people also tend to be slower and clumsier than healthy people. If they fall or have an accident, their recovery from injury is often difficult because surgery would be a lot more complicated. Obesity cuts down freedom of movement, especially in the elderly, and thus can lower general health because of lack of exercise.

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