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What is Biotechnology?

            Biotechnology as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary is "the manipulation of biological organisms to make products that benefit human beings." This in essence is biotechnology but one might still be confused by this topic.
             It is often thought that biotechnology is about crazy scientists who are making new types of animals with two heads, six legs, and many more monstrosities. This information is far from the truth. Biotechnologists do make "new creatures" but none of which are disfigured and mutilated. The DNA of these organisms has been changed so that the product of that change allows the organism to become a more useful product or produce one.
             There are many life saving medicines made to day using biotechnology. The most common and well know example is Human Insulin. Those people who produce too little or none of their own, need to take insulin. The gene, a part of DNA that tells the body what to do, that codes for human insulin is injected in to a horse and the horse then starts to produce insulin. This insulin is then collected and purified so that it can be injected into diabetics everyday across this country. .
             However, this type of biotechnology is very new. The process of making alcoholic beverages, cheese, and other fermented products all are made using biotechnology. This is true because in each situation some organism is used to manipulate a substance for example, grain for making beer, is put in with bacteria that work for humans and make product that we can use. Biotechnology has led us to having seedless grapes and bananas that have a longer shelf life. .
             More recent types of genetically engineered, or gene altered, things include a super tomato. This fruit was banned in the United Stated because people feared that the product might do something to them. Hanging the DNA of something does not effect how it is digested or its edibility unless it was made to be unpleasant.

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