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Biotechnology in Our World

             Today's world is run with the use of a lot of technology. Not only in areas using computers, but also in everyday life. Biotechnology is responsible for a lot of the current developments. In the world today, the main uses of biotechnology are centered upon developing agriculture, cloning living organisms, weaponry, and reproduction procedures. All of these technological advances have their ups and downs.
             Scientists have come up with processes that will help make the world have less hunger in its growing population. They are making crops bigger and better and more defensive against the natural world. They provide more food for more people and can resist disease and insects by themselves. As well as with plants, scientists are making chickens and other farm animals bigger so they will sell for more and provide more and better meat to consumers. The upside to bioengineered food is that the food must go through strenuous testing and it is harder to get on the market than natural food. The new foods have added nutrients that lower the risk of heart disease and some cancers. It will also make the population rely less upon chemicals, fossil fuels, and water and reduce the amount used of these precious resources. The negatives are that these foods are not natural. There is also fear that because these foods have been made to resist the environment, they will become "super weeds" and take over and cause harm to other plants and animals. These new foods may also trigger disease or allergies and be possibly deadly to some people. The idea of bioengineered agriculture will appeal to some people and look terrible to others based on what they value.
             A new form of biotechnology, has had the world chasing after it as its success skyrockets. From the cloning of a sheep, Dolly, to just recently a cloned cow, the world is time and again being amazed by what the scientists are developing.

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