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WAR OF 1812

             The life of a English navy sailor was not good.
             Meat, when available was almost always .
             "Ships biscuit" a type of bread that was rock hard, was .
             frequently .
             covered with maggots. English sailors often ate in dark corners to avoid .
             seeing what bugs .
             might be on their food. American merchant ships offered 10 times the pay .
             and although .
             the food was not fancy it "stuck to your ribs". The English Navy responded .
             by stopping .
             American ships and taking sailors and forcing them into service in the .
             English navy. It .
             was hard to tell who was English and who was American because many .
             Americans were .
             "English-Americans" and also many had false papers saying they were .
             American born. .
             The result was many true American born natives were "impressed" into the .
             English Navy. .
             The United Sates tried many times to get England to change the English .
             policy toward .
             neutral shipping and also the policy of impressment. In April, 1806, the .
             United States .
             Congress passed a new law. This law was called a Non-importation Act which .
             band .
             English goods from American markets. This law was not really put into .
             place until 1807, .
             after the "Chesapeake" incident. In June of 1807, the English warship .
             "Leopard" stopped .
             a smaller American warship the "Chesapeake" and claimed the American ship .
             how four .
             English deserters. The English captain demanded to board the American ship .
             and search .
             for them. When the American captain refused , the English ship opened fire .
             killing three .
             and wounding eighteen others. The American ship had rushed out of port and .
             had not .
             properly stowed the gunpowder and rope matches(fuses) and could not return .
             fire. .
             Americans called for stronger penalties and the Embargo act of 1807 was .
             passed. Thomas .
             Jefferson said, "England has become a den of pirates and France has become .
             a den of .
             thieves". Now all land or seaborn trade with foreign nations was made .
             illegal. This act .
             primarily hurt the New England region which had heavily depended on trade .

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