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War of 1812

            The author of the article Was the War of 1812 Significant?, had a negative view point of the war. It seemed that the war to this person was reflected in a negative way and could have easily been avoided. His decisiveness shadowed what is generally agreed most Americans feel. After the Vietnamese War Americans were disoriented and confused about bitter legacies. The Vietnamese War wasn't the first war in which Americans were indecisive. The author felt that the war of 1812 aside from any war had the most negative aspects. .
             A lot of negative aspects were a part of the war. According to the author the war was badly planned, badly financed and badly fought. The war was fought so badly that many U.S citizens blatantly traded with the enemy and important political leaders discussed the probability of secession. The greatest insult about the war from the Authors point of view was that 100 years passed before historians began to critically analyze its causes and consequences. Instead indictments against the British incorporated President James Madison's war message as sufficient explanation for the war.
             Madison's first grievance against the British involved "impressment." Madison further complained about the British practice of cruising near American coasts and harassing American commerce. The losses of American merchants due to confiscation often ranged up to $60,000 per ship. In the key six months before the war broke out, approximately 100 U.S. ships were confiscated. Surprisingly total confiscations between 1807 and 1812 numbered about 389.
             The author felt that certain key events and issues did not seem to square with the traditional explanation of the causes of the war of 1812. The main question was "If the Orders I Council were of such importance as a cause, why were not immediate peace negotiations begun?" Historians noticed tons of contradiction began searching elsewhere. There studies noted that most vociferous outbreaks of war came from Congressmen representing the South and the West.

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