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Science 2

             Nothing better has happened in the history of man than the advent .
             The world into which science came was a world .
             of ignorance, suffering and hardship. Science has come to relieve us of.
             sufferings, to remove our ignorance and to lighten our toil. In fact, .
             science is a faithful servant. It serves us in all walks of life.
             Science is a great blessing to mankind.
             Science is the product of reason. It is the enemy of the superstition .
             and sentiment. It is concerned with the discovery of causes of .
             things. If anything happens scientists begin to find out how it .
             came about. In the absence of science, people gave fanciful reasons for such .
             happenings. If a person is suffering from fever, students of medical science .
             find out the cause of his fever by studying the physiology of human bodies. .
             And so is with the several other aspects of our life. Science, therefore, means .
             systematic knowledge of causes. Science does not depend upon the use of .
             our senses. Our senses are limited in their range and capacity. For example, .
             we do not see with our eyes how water is formed. It is by using instruments .
             that we come to know that water is made up of oxygen and hydrogen. The .
             instruments for observing, measuring and analyzing are the means by which .
             science proceeds to find out to true nature of things. It is impossible to .
             exaggerate the importance of science. Its greatest importance is seen in the .
             control of natural forces, and in the use of these for raising our standards of .
             living. Even for a bare mention of the branches of science it is enough to tell .
             us how valuable is the contribution of science. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, .
             Botany, Medial Science, Engineering, Technology, Astronomy and .
             Mathematics are some of the most important branches of sciences.
             And now a days we have science in almost every subject. For example, there .
             are sciences of psychology, politic, economics and sociology. These are less .

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