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A Time to kill

            In the novel A time to kill, we witness the heroic actions of Jake Brignance, a young male.
             lawyer who takes the chance of defending a black male who turns a rape case into a .
             murder case. Jake is faced with burning crosses at his door, and numerous occurrences of .
             captivated people telling him not to continue with the case. Jake is not in agreement with .
             the inhumane actions of the two white males who raped a young black girl, but as a result .
             his biggest chance to prove himself as a lawyer strikes him. For weeks, he struggles to .
             save his clients life and then his own.
             Billy Bob was one of the two men who raped an unfortunate young girl, along with the .
             aid of a secondary man named Willard. Together they kidnapped the ten-year-old girl and .
             raped her numerous times for their own enjoyment and pleasure. They persisted to harm .
             her as they were both extremely intoxicated, and unaware of how damaging their actions .
             were. "He lowered his pants; she turned to the left and closed her eyes. He was hurting .
             her again " A girl so young and in addition, quite fragile, was used as a toy for the .
             amusement of two pitiful and disgusting men. Every movement and every action they .
             decide to pursue shattered her life into pieces. A simple walk to the store changed her life .
             As a result, people said she was lucky to be alive, and since it was evident from the marks .
             around her neck, it was definite that the two men virtually put her near death. Her mother .
             felt that it would be difficult for her to recover, as the damage was severe. "She'll never .
             have kids again, there was to much danger and damage done the nightmares are getting .
             worse, In this quote it is evident to the readers of how effective and terrible the actions .
             of the two men had on the little girl. How will she ever be able to trust anyone, or let .
             someone come close to her? She will always reminisce of the ever-lasting damage the .
             men had done to her.

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