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The Time Machine

            The Time Machine is fictional novel by H. Wells where we hear an exciting story of a Time Travelers experiences. The story starts off as the Time Traveler argues with his intellectual friends about how there is a fourth dimension in space other than length breadth and thickness. That dimension is Duration or continuance in time. The Time Traveler explains to the Medical man, Psychologist, Filby, Mayor, and the narrator, that it is possible to travel through time. The Time Traveler proves this to the crowd by showing them a working model of his Time Machine that took him two years to make. The spherical object astonished the company when the psychologist pushed the lever on it and send it into the future, under careful supervision of them.
             Time Traveler shows up to dinner a couple of weeks later. He is dirty and cut up. The Time Traveler runs to change and returns to his guests with an unbelievable story about his travel into the year eight hundred two thousand seven hundred and one (802,701). The Time Traveler explained his trip there in the most amazing way possible. He saw day and night go by faster and faster. He saw his laboratory disappeared and he was in the open, even a snail flew across like a rocket. The Time Traveler was so curious that he had stopped the lever on the Time Machine. He came out of his machine seeing a large Sphinx and later, human like colorful creatures that were about four foot tall. The Eloi immediately accepted The Traveler into their Utopian style buildings where all the Eloi did was eat fruit, make love and sleep, immediately the Eloi lost interest with the Traveler. The Traveler then began to explore new areas but all he found were fruit trees, silver color, rivers for bathing, palaces that were all the same and wells. The Time Traveler couldn't figures out where the Eloi had manufactured their robes or where their graveyards or morgues where. He also couldn't figure out what the wells were for.

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