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The Time Machine

             Wells" writings focus on science and social science. His knowledge of the two subjects allowed him to write about situations that are most likely impossible and make them appear to be possible. Wells takes the reader through a series of explanations that seem to make sense to a casual observer and make his fiction evident and plausible. Wells used science as a tool to explain his ideas and to help the reader believe what is going on in his novels. In addition to science, Wells used society as an aid to help the reader believe what is going on in his novels. Wells created human characters in his novel that are educated and successful. These characters are upstanding citizens of society and people look up to them and respect them. Wells knowledge of science is made evident when his characters and he discussed scientific ideas and tried to reach a conclusion that ended up supporting Wells" theories. Wells also incorporated ideas on society into his novels. The ideas on society such as a utopian world and the conflict between industrialists and the workers have been in conflict with his society and others throughout the centuries. By bringing in these real life debates on society, the reader is pushed into believing Wells" ideas even more. With the constant incorporation of real life situations, ideas, thoughts and theories, Wells helps the reader accept his premises and allows the reader to slip their minds into accepting the novel without doubting the possibilities presented in the novel. Israel Zangwill's review of the Time Machine is satirical and suitably amuses us with the idea of time travel and does not see anything utopian in the idea of time travel. Mark R. Hillegas, on the other hand, applauds H.G. Wells attempt to ease the mind of the reader and allowing the reader to accept the fiction as a possibility.
             Wells believed in the idea of a utopian world, but his writing never actually reached a point where he was able to show us a utopian society.

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