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Time Machine

             The Time Machine was not merely a novel written to entertain the populous of the late 19th century, but a social criticism of the people in everyday life. The time machine was just a cover-up for an almost public service announcement of the degradation of society that wells saw. Wells was not just a novelist, whose goal was to entertain, but like many writers of the time wanted to see a social change in society. The reason wells was so different from the others is he used futuristic plots and alien like worlds to describe problems he saw. The struggle for existence as wells saw it would end in chaos, as the laboring populous would turn into carnivorous savages, and the socialites of society would become their meals. Thus, H.G. Wells was trying to tell the people of his time that if we kept on a path of mistreatment of the less fortunate, evolution would create a world where the once lower classes who eat the above ground people who have no idea that anything is wrong. .
             The protagonist of the story, who is only known by the name of the Time Traveler, is a member of the upper crust in society that has an open mind and a sponge like thirst for knowledge. The traveler on his quest for knowledge and reasoning for thing has created a time machine that his going to use to travel into the future. In the future 800,000 yrs later the traveler find a world of an almost utopian nature where he meets a people that he name the Eloi. The traveler notices how there intellectual level seems rather low for people of a far distant future," then one of them asked me a question on the intellectual level of a five year old- (Wells, 31) The traveler further in the novel learns of another species on this strange new world who he only notices to appear at night. They appear only at night for a reason unknown to the traveler to do some unknown task.
             The traveler soon learns the reasons that these two species of humanlike things co-exist, and begins his suttle then blunt social criticisms of society.

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