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The Time Machine

            The Time Machine "A Pessimistic View" Alfredo Pini Per:5 Englsih IV Critical Analysis the novel The Time Machine, H.G. Wells shows the reader a pessimistic glimpse of what he perceives to be the future of the industrial world. The way the writer tells the story, he tries to get the reader to believe what he believes in the fourth dimension, the time machine, and his pessimistic future. For the writer of fantastic stories to help the reader play the game properly, he must help him in every possible unobtrusive way to domesticate the impossible hypothesis. He must trick him into an unwary concession to some plausible assumption and get on with his story while the illusion holds. This is exactly Wells technique in The Time Machine .(Hillegas p. 200) The Time Machine was mostly based on how the author felt. He came from a poor group of people among a town of wealthy people observing the disparity of both of the social classes. It is almost like the Morlocks living among the Eloi. "In The Time Machine Wells devices a geographical landscape functioning as a Poe-esque symbol of psychological terrain." (Rainwater p 35) Some say that he was beyond his time. Powerfully influenced by Darwin, Wells shows the direction in which the world was headed. He sought that the female gender of humans would be on an equal level as male gender. Also he anticipated the use of weapons of mass destruction, like atomic weapons, that would destroy large cities and maybe eventually the world. Wells was ahead of his time. "He was, in many respects, a pessimist, and yet he continued to hope that somehow humanity would see its folly before its too late." (Platzner p 113) In showing the reader of how he feels of the future, he has the Time Traveler explain about the time traveling device. Next, Wells talks about the life in the year eight hundred and two thousand seven hundred and one AD. Then the author writes about his character, observing the environment of thousands of millions of years passed the time of the Morlocks and the Eloi.

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