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The Time Machine

             This book is a science fiction novel. It was among one of the first science fiction novels published.
             The setting of this book is the late nineteenth century in England. His travels led him hundreds of thousands of years in the future.
             The internal conflict is discovering the fourth dimension of time and proving it. The Time Traveler spent two years building the time machine. He also built a small-scale model of it, which he used for a demonstration.
             The resolution to the internal conflict was when he told the story of his adventure through time. The Time Traveler explained how he started moving one day per minute and by the time he stopped the machine he was going over one year per minute. When the Time Traveler stopped the machine the inertia keep him and the time machine moving forward.
             The external conflict the Time Traveler experienced was the Morlocks kept trying to attack him. The Morlocks are human like creatures that live underground; they are very sensitive to light.
             The resolution to the external conflict was the Time Traveler found a way to defeat them. He used matches and a pipe he had found during a stage in his travel. So he would light a match and they would run away. If they came at him he would beat them with the pipe.
             An adjective to describe the Time Traveler is a risk-taker. An example to show this is the Time Traveler wasn't afraid to explore the fourth dimension of time, or traveling through time.
             The theme of this story is can the Time Traveler actually navigate his way through time? An incident that supports the theme is the Time Traveler builds the time machine and goes in to the future, but only one person believes the story.
             Recommendation & Reason. The book started out good, but after the first three chapters it wasn't as good, but still kept my interest. So I recommend this book to anyone who like science fiction books.

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