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New Testament

            Exploring The New Testament World is an extraordinary book. In this book, I have learned two of the most intriguing studies that have changed my life and the way I thought about the New Testament scripture. The first thing that captured my mind was the crucifixion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The second most captivating thing I learned was about Greco-Roman morality and personal relations. Fascinatingly enough, these two issues permeated throughout early Christianity. Some knew about it and some didn't. In this case I didn't know until I applied II Timothy 2:15 in my life.
             When you observe the crucifixion. There are many people baffled at what actually happened. When you think of a man being crucified during the life of Jesus. You would think one would have nails driven in the palms of his hands and feet. That's not so. Today some people claim to have experienced stigmata after coming out of meditation and prayer. That means to have shared in the marks of Jesus? crucifixion through the palms of their hands and feet. Another thing that interest me was the Shroud of Turn. Now that this has been found. We know that the Romans drove nails in behind the wrist bone because the weight of a human body could not be supported by nails drive through the palms of the hands. This piece of garment has been in the center of controversy since the late 19th century.
             The Greco-Roman morality and personal relations were quite interesting. In particular when it came to women and contraceptives. Some women found having children as a nuisance. When it came to the upper and lower class having kids. The upper class could afford to have to children because they knew of ways to prevent childbirth. Whereas the lower class people couldn't. Some lower class even had children without a doctor's medical assistance. Slaves or servant usually helped in child bearing. Now, some women even aborted their babies before they were born.

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