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Analysis of Shooting an elephant

            Shooting an elephant as an attack on imperialism. The glorious days of the imperialism giant have passed, marking a death of an era of the imperialism. In George Orwell's shooting an elephant, deals with the evils of imperialism. In the nature of imperialism, the dominant regime rules the victims and willingness by arm forces. In the unjust shooting of an elephant, the author uses two main characters, a British officer acts as an imperialism country, while the elephant symbolizes as a victim. By not wanting to look like a fool, the officer decides to shoot the elephant to death even though it stops posting any threats to people. The shooting incident reveals the conflicts imperialism has caused for both parties in the imperialistic relationship. .
             In response to the accusations made against Orwell, I tend to agree with the comments this author makes. The author feels Orwell is no better than other British men during the imperialism era, although he does has some conscious knowing what happening was wrong. His hatred towards the Burmese and the Buddhist priest by calling them yellow-faced and drive a bayonet into a Buddhist priest's nuts just to show his ignorance. Throughout his essay, he finds himself making justification for the shooting just like the British justifies imperialism. When Orwell decides to shoot the elephant, he realizes that is his only option, and if he doesnt do so, he will never hold his ground in front of these so-called lower, uncivilized people; therefore, he is just equally coward if he does not have the rifle in his hands. His comments on why the Burmese people dont fight back and stereotypes them have no true courage also make me feel Orwell is just another white man blames someone else to his wrong doing. .

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