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            I couldn't take it anymore; I loved her too much to see her having to go through the pain! Nanny Betty had always been in poor health for as long as I could remember, but then she got really sick she lost all her co ordination, couldn't walk could hardly see and worst of all she couldn't speak to us. So after being in hospital for a month in which all this took place (a very short length of time, I know) she was put into an old peoples home I wasn't at all happy about this, but there was nothing else we could do! .
             Every time I saw her, the pain I felt was unbearable, so I being young and stupid thought I could run away and then I wouldn't have to watch her suffering, feeling so helpless, knowing there was nothing anyone could do for her!.
             I had it all planned I cleared out my bank account there was about four hundred pounds in it, which I thought would do me for a while. I planned to go and see nanny one last time before I left, deep down I knew it would probably be the last time I saw her but I didn't want to think about that! When I went to see her I read to her, told her what all my older sisters were doing, simple things. When I went to say goodbye I began to cry and she knew it but there was nothing she could do but hug me and I her.
             I got up early the next morning at about 5am and caught a bus to Belfast from there I didn't really know where to go my plans had only taken me this far I turned round to have a look about when I saw some one out of the corner of my eye running towards me with what looked like a stick but as they got to me I turned and kicked him in the shins and he fell to the ground. I felt guilty and helped him up he looked impressed, he told me most girls wouldn't have had the guts to do what I did. We were still were a bit annoyed with each other but that was bound to happen as we walked along together I expected him to leave but he didn't. Eventually I asked what his name was Rick' he said I asked what it was short for but he just cleared his throat loudly and changed the subject.

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