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             An extremely large amount of Canadians are considered overweight but an even more alarming number has been diagnosed as obese. The problem of obesity can be solved very simply, with a healthy diet and regular exercise. In this age of super size fast food meals, like those served at McDonalds and Taco Bell, eating right seems to be out of the question, so what can be done about it? Exercise is health professional's unanimous answer, by joining a health club one can learn to exercise safely and effectively. At a health club one could not only exercise but also meet people and gain support that will help them accomplish their fitness goals rather than working out alone at home. Modern gyms offer a variety of special classes and access to other fitness facilities. This is why gym memberships are worth purchasing.
             Obesity rates in Canada have been steadily rising for the past fifteen years, in 1997 it was reported that 35% of men and 27% of women in the country were considered obese. Side effects of obesity include stroke, heart disease, respiratory diseases, diabetes and many other dangerous illnesses. Child obesity is also a growing concern in North America and it has been proven that children follow their parents" examples in almost everything that they do. With this in mind in it only makes sense that a child growing up in a household where the parents are physically active would be more likely to live a longer, healthier life, than a child who grows up with parents who's only exercise is lifting the remote. Since for most the plan to get up at the crack of dawn and go for a five-mile jog every morning does not usually work out, becoming a member of a gym is a great way to burn off extra calories and lose those unsightly inches. A regular exercise routine is one of the most effective ways of losing weight and getting fit. Personal trainers at a gym are there to help construct the perfect exercise routine for each individual's needs and help track their progress.

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