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            People often claim the name of a hero by a gift of courage or by speaking about what .
             Oscar Romero demanded peace, peace of which could only be found in human rights. He informed El Salvador about all the people who had been tortured, slaughtered, and all of those who had "disappeared" in a place he called home. Oscar Romero told the truth, and just like any other great leader, who fought for what he or she believed in, was assassinated. Even though his life came to an end, his voice was still with the citizens of El Salvador. Romero became a guide of hope in a country which was run by poverty, injustice, and sorrow. El Salvador is a country where the military is liable to no one and the people are defenseless. Oscar Romero proved to himself and to the people of El Salvador that he could make a stand and speak the truth, only the outcome of his goodness soon became a tragedy.
             The social injustices upon the individuals who lived in El Salvador affected everybody. As the military killed Father Grande, for the simple reason of promoting freedom, affected the whole Christian community. Although he did speak out against the government, and at this time was a very dangerous thing to do, it was also the right thing to do. Father Grande only wanted to help the people of El Salvador and help himself to promote the word freedom in his country. The citizens of El Salvador didn't ask for much other than the right to vote and to speak out about the issues they felt were necessary and equally important to them and their country. If anybody were to do something outstanding like this, many consequences would occur. For example the military would kidnap people, children and adults of all ages on behalf of the government. These people were called Political Prisoners. The military worked for the government and at that time, the government would make the rules and the military would have to abide by them, Christian or not nobody had the right to speak out.

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