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            Romero focuses on the life of Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador during the late 1970s. Romero was elected to be archbishop by rich upper class supporters within the church who saw him as a frail bookworm, who would support their agenda and not make waves. At first, Romero does just that. He accepts rich gifts from the wealthy supporters of the church and is wined and dined by them as the people of El Salvador are persecuted. The army and the military government constantly attack the people and the lower clergy for so-called communist views. With American aid, the rich stay in power by terrorizing the people into submission. At first not sure how to react to the situation, Romero gradually comes to realize that the role of the church must be to minister to the people and help them in their time of need. He becomes more and more in support of the people and against the abuses of the government. Sadly, Romero pays for his revelation with his life, assassinated while giving a mass.
             Faced with the reality of what happened in El Salvador due in large part to American aid, Romero's revelation and struggle stand as a testament to the strength of the Salvadoran people. He is in himself an iconic figure, first reviled by the people and later embraced. The fact that he had this transformation when faced with the realities of the situation makes him that much more of person to be respected, emulated, and celebrated. I really enjoyed this movie. At first I watched it knowing little about the situation in El Salvador and other nearby countries, yet now I want everyone I know to see and understand. .

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