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How to Check Your Blood Sugar

             Many people suffer from diabetes and do not realize it, because they are not aware of the symptoms. Some of the symptoms of diabetes include excessive urination, great thirst, hunger, and loss in weight and strength. There are two different forms of diabetes, but the most common is diabetes mellitus, which the body uses glucose slowly, and causes the glucose to build up in the blood stream. Diabetes mellitus is ranked among the leading causes of death in the United States, which is a very good reason a person should know if they are diabetic, and if they are, how to take care of their own self.
             With diabetic mellitus there are two types, type I diabetes, which is the most common, and type II diabetes. In type I, the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin. Type I usually strikes in young people, but also occurs in adults. Type II diabetes is most common in over weight individuals over the age of 40. People with type II diabetes does not respond as well to insulin as does people with type I. Both types may be part of a family history, but in some cases there were no known family history of the disease.
             Diabetes cannot be cured, but can be treated. Type I diabetics need at least a daily dose of insulin. The insulin must be injected into the blood stream to be effective. Most type I patients follow a strict diet that has set amounts of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Type II can be controlled by a diet that is low in calories. Some Type II patients must take insulin, or oral drugs to help lower the amount of glucose in the blood. In both types of diabetes mellitus the patient must check their blood sugar level every day, and keep track of the levels.
             Blood sugar levels can be checked at home or by a doctor. If a person wanted to check their own blood sugar level, they could purchase a blood sugar testing kit. The kits can be purchase at almost any pharmacy, or drug store for about $70.

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