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Brutus vs Cassius

            In the Shakespearean play Julius Caesar, the two conspirators, Brutus and Cassius, have many differences. Even though they are on the same side, Cassius is Brutus" foil. Their diversity includes their bravery, their leadership, and their judge of character. .
             The two characters have a opposite show of bravery. Brutus is a brave Roman. Cassius is a coward and cannot stand alone. Brutus goes against Caesar even though he loves him, but he does it for the good of Rome. Brutus even admits that he had to do with the death of Caesar. He sacrificed himself for others this way. He tells Cassius, "I love the name of honor more than I fear death." Brutus knows he will die someday for his betrayal, but knows it is the right thing. Cassius fears going against Caesar, especially alone. This is why he persuades Brutus to join the conspiracy. Cassius sees death as a way to cut the time spent of fearing death. He couldn't even kill himself. Cassius had his servant kill him. Brutus, however, had the courage to kill himself.
             Brutus is a natural leader of the people. Cassius needs to have someone to lead him and be his partner. Cassius asked Brutus to join the conspiracy because the people of Rome would follow and listen to him. Brutus is a good speaker and gets the common people to agree with him at Caesar's funeral before Antony's speech. He fights for what he believes is right and wins. People will trust his decision and go along with it. Cassius gives in to every disagreement with Brutus, so Brutus won't leave Cassius by himself. .
             Brutus is a bad judge of character, while Cassius is good at judging others. Brutus believes that all Romans are honorable and loyal. This is a naivety on Brutus" part. Cassius knows that people betray and lie, so he does not trust many people. Brutus trusts Cassius and his reasons for killing Caesar. He believes Cassius when Cassius convinces the conspiracy is for the good of Rome.

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