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             Since the beginning of time, religion has been an important aspect of life. Some religions evolved and died out after a short period of time and some others are still around today. One of the religions that had a fall and almost died out when Christianity took over was Paganism.
             Paganism is the belief in a religion other than that of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam. The word "Pagan" comes from the Latin words paganus and pagana, meaning "country dweller or villager" (online). Today, "Paganism" has two meanings: the earth-centered spiritual traditions of many cultures, both modern and historical, and modern revivals of ancient Pagan religions of Europe and the Middle East. Pagans used to live in fourth-century Rome. Pagans are individuals or members of a group who accept the principles of, or who practice Paganism and worship nature. Animism, one of the oldest forms of Paganism, believed the concept that all objects in nature possess soul. These mostly illiterate people also believed that spirit guardian controlled all objects in nature (Jordan 18-19). .
             Common beliefs of Paganism are: 1) The Earth is a place of joy and beauty, to be respected and held sacred. Harming oneself, others, or nature is to be avoided. 2) Humans are meant to lead lives filled with joy, love, pleasure, and humor; and to have the wisdom and ability to solve their problems on all levels, public and private, without the need for spiritual "salvation." 3) Ideas are to be personally investigated before being accepted as faith. Dogma is to be minimized. Pagans are reluctant to accept any idea without personally investigating it (online). .
             Different branches of Paganism include Wicca, Druidism, Egyptian, Nordic, and Celtic. Wicca, the Old English term for a witch, is the principal branch of the Pagan revival to which most witches adhere and which principally sustained modern witchcraft.

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