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Review:Kids In The Hall

             "The Kids In The Hall" (KITH) is a Canadian sketch comedy show. It is one of the more original ones out there, because it does not do many parodies and is comprised of all males, most of which play women from time to time (there used to be women in the group, but they left before the group got on TV). The cast (as it appeared on television) is comprised of: Bruce McCulloch, Dave Foley, Mark McKinney, Scott Thompson, and Kevin McDonald (Paul Bellini joined them at times, but never spoke until the very last episode). And so begins the second episode of the first season:.
             "Thirty Helens Agree: Love Hurts".
             This is one of a few recurring sketches that did not have any of the group members in it. In this one, the large group of Helen's stands in an open field where they declare that "Love Hurts", and all the reasons why. To be totally honest, this is not one of my favorite "Helen" sketches. It isn't quite as clever as some of the later ideas they had (such as when twenty-nine Helen's agreed that it is important to be prompt, because the last Helen had not showed up on time), and you could see the sketches grow better, if not just during this episode (where they first appeared), but over the sketch's two year run on the show. .
             "Man's Chest Colonized By Spain".
             This sketch wasn't really a complex idea, it was just kind of a pretense to the kind of show this was going to be. They used short, almost pointless sketches to kind of get you more warmed up for the deep things they would do. In the sketch a man (McKinney) awaiting surgery dreams that a Spanish Inquisitor-type man (McDonald) colonized his chest. After this a Frenchman (Foley) comes in and tries to colonize the chest as well. The skit closes with the two men bantering back and forth about who has the right to the mans chest. This scene, for as short as it was, and also for having not a strongly outlined purpose, was one of the most memorable scenes for me.

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