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wonderous willow

             As I lie under the great weeping willow tree in my backyard, the world disappears and all I am left with are my thoughts and dreams. The willow straddles the property line of our house and my grandparent's house. We planted it there soon after building our homes. We have no fence or walls dividing the two properties, just a large open space and the splendor of the weeping willow gracefully waving its branches in the gentle breeze.
             Willow is a large group of graceful trees and shrubs that usually have slender branches and narrow leaves. There are about 300 species, and about 80 of them are native to North America. Willows usually grow near water. Sometimes they are planted in damp regions so that their roots take up water and dry the soil. The roots interlace to form a tough network that holds the soil together and prevents soil erosion. Willows are planted to provide shade and to protect fields from winds. .
             The Willow is the tree most associated with the moon, water, the Goddess and all that is feminine. It is the tree of dreaming, intuition and deep emotions. Symbolically it belongs to the beginning of spring, when all of life is stirring once again. This is the underlying energy of the willow, and the key to understanding the powerful spirit of this beautiful tree.
             The willow has much to teach us in its associations with our feminine aspects. By spending time with willows we can deepen this connection. Spending time with willow trees at the full moon can only increase the strength of the insights and understanding to be gained. Working with the willow in the early spring, when the willow energy and the Earth's energy are aligned, is also a particularly strong time to explore its aspects.
             The willow has always been known as a tree of dreaming and enchantment, and it was associated in Celtic legend with poets and with spells of fascination and binding. This is the willow moon energy, which puts us in touch with our feelings and deep emotions.

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