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American Law

             The American justice system is one of the most efficient in the entire world. Over the years since this nation was founded, the justice system has proven itself many times. No matter what the case was, our judicial leaders have been able to come to a just conclusion and give the guilty their rightful punishment. Though there have been some controversy over the outcome of some trials, the American justice system still stands as a strong tower that will bring the guilty to justice and the innocent peace of mind. It doesn"t matter who you are or what position you hold, no one stands above the law in America.
             One of the most appalling examples of this was the Watergate scandal in Washington committed by President Richard Nixon. This event got all of America's attention because our own president, the president of the free country, committed a crime. Not only was this shocking to the nation, but it was demeaning to the name of America. Our reputation around the world at this time was one of sheer power and majesty, but was overshadowed by the act of our president. Richard Nixon was at age 60 at this time and had already previously been president for four years and was running for re-election. During the re-election, he was winning by quite a few votes, but was still hungry for more. To fuel his campaign, he wanted to find out what the democrats had in store for their campaign and wanted to diminish them before they had a chance to compete, so he hired a few men to break in to the democratic office and steal some files. In the process of the crime, a security guard caught them and turned them in. The criminal's motive was .
             traced all the way back to the president, which astounded the American society. After all was said and done, Nixon won the election but resigned in 1974 at the low point of his career. In his place came Gerald Ford to take over as president for the rest of Nixon's term.

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