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major purchase

             When making a major purchase, your decision must be thought out considering various factors. These factors are keeping within a budget, getting the best possible product for the money, and satisfying your wants and needs.
             Recently, I had the opportunity to make a decision on the purchase of new glasses. It was time to get an updated check-up and new frames would be needed. I was limited to four different stores because of my insurance coverage. I started by traveling to each of these stores to compare different styles and prices. The comparison from store to store was made simple when I got to Pearle Vision because of the plethora of frames at reasonable prices.
             Finding the right store was only half the battle, my most important decision was still to come. I went back to Pearle Vision with the help of my sister to decide on which frames would best satisfy my purchase decision. There are several things to consider when it comes to finding the perfect frames such as face shape, skin tone, and personal preference. I selected bronze Polo frames because they were the best fit for my personal preference and simply looked the best.
             After selecting frames I was faced with the decision of what lenses would best complement my life style. The choices were to go with standard plastic lenses or with a variety of more expensive lenses that had many more features. For example, the *microTHIN Plus lenses offered thinner, lighter and flatter lenses that most importantly would be scratch resistant, impact resistant, and anti-reflective. All the lenses had UV protection. Since I have an astigmatism and need glasses for pretty much everything (driving, sports, reading, etc.) the added features were a great benefit and would make the glasses more comfortable to wear and longer lasting. The *microTHIN Plus lenses are the lenses I chose. An added benefit that swayed my decision was the Pearle Protection and Break Plan which insures for two years at 90% first year and 70% second year.

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