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How accurate is the film "Titanic" in explaining how and why

            My essay is finding out on how and why the Titanic sank using the film to find out. It set sail on the 14th of April 1912 and carried 2220 passengers. People thought that the ship was carrying slaves from America. The ship set sail on the docks of South Hampton and was never to return again. Although the ship was considered unsinkable only the lower class people were fond of it when they first saw it. It was not until the upper class people saw the interior of the ship that they began to like it. .
             From the beginning of the journey when the ship left south Hampton it travelled at full speed throughout and never slowed down. The boar was heading for the danger zone at night and needed the binoculars but later realised that they were left in south Hampton. The spaces in the lifeboats were only enough for half the people on board the ship. The ship was travelling fast up until a lookout spotted an iceberg and ordered for the ships engine to be stopped immediately but it was too late. Unfortunately because the ships was travelling so fast the ship did not have time to turn and avoid the iceberg.
             The boat hit the iceberg and the compartments were damaged. Quickly the ship started to fill with water and because there were only a limited number of boats women and children had to be allowed on the boats first. Two hours later the titanic sank leaving a great loss of life.
             When the titanic could not avoid the iceberg some of the watertight compartments filled with water, which caused the ship to be heavier at on end. Eventually the ship went ninety degrees and people started to run to the top of the ship but couldn't hold on and fell off. The ship then broke in two and the part of the ship that was in water sank immediately. About half an hour later the second part of the ship sank.
             The film "Titanic is very accurate in finding out how and why the titanic sank because it shows how it hit the iceberg and sank in motion and that has never been done before.

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