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Happy New Years

             Back in December on the 31st I had a moment that I"ll remember my entire life. I was laying on my couch alone in my new house drinking red wine and listening to James Taylor in the dark. My cat was on my lap sleeping on her side while the light of the candles shined on her fur. It was New Years Eve and this was the first time I have never had a special someone in my life. It has been over one full year since my last girlfriend, but I never thought anything about it. I noticed that it was 11:55 p.m., so I turned on the television to see what's going on downtown. I watched the ball drop and I even counted down the seconds to my sleeping cat. Three, two, one and everyone cheered and hugged their loved one then celebrated with a new years kiss to start the new year on a good note. That's when it hit me that I am alone. I can"t share the moment with anyone or even better yet the New Year with anyone. I"m all alone I thought in my head. Doomed without love. Then I analyzed everything leading up to this lonely depressing moment in my life.
             I went as far back as to high school when life was easy and going to school was fun. I went to E. North High School and always felt that meeting girls would never be a hard task to do. I played football, basketball, and track throughout my four years there. I was awarded best looking, most likely to be a super model, and best car out of 600 students I graduated with. I graduated in the spring of 2000 thinking life could only get better once in college.
             I attended Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, OK for one year and then moved back over the summer and turned 20 years old. I had saved up enough money that I could put a down payment on a house. Started building my first dream home in July 2001, and finished in the last week of January 2002. Living alone and working 40 plus hours a week while taking 16 hours in Pre-med courses at University of Central Oklahoma might have put a stop to my social life for a while leaving me unable to get to know anyone new.

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