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New Year

             New Year, my favorite holiday, is one of the most celebrated days in the world. The day is shaped by different customs and traditions. Each culture celebrates this holiday in its own unique way. The city Ufa, which is located in Russia near the Ural Mountains, is the place of my birth. This is a place where all my childhood memories came from. The city has its own way to celebrate New Year. .
             The people start to prepare for the holiday at least one month in an advance. The preparation begins by buying presents, decorating houses, and making new costumes. Obviously the holiday would not be complete without a symbol of New Year which transcended from generation to generation, the New Year Tree, the unique tree having million small needles and staying green throughout the year. .
             The New Year Tree, which is one of the exciting things for children and adults, is the object that you can see in every house during the holiday. The whole family takes participation in decorating a tree, with toys, candies and different New Years lights. Children consider a tree to be mysteries, because Russian Santa Clouse hides the presents under this tree. My warmest memories are associated with this day, the day when my family got together over my grandmother's house. Me with my cousins throughout the whole evening peeped under the tree with the hope that Santa Clouse, the kind old man with white beard and red fur coat, already hid the presents there. But the old man was punctual and we were unable to see the presents before midnight. .
             Right before New Years the whole city gets new life and in a way starts looking like an ant-hill. All around you people are hurling around the city, caring New Year trees, presents, groceries, or just waking around and looking at the holiday madness. The entire city is beautifully decorated with lights in a variety of different colors hanging all over buildings and telephone polls.

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