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Philosophy of Evil

             "Young couple on honeymoon dies in plane crash.16 year old boy hit and killed by a drunk driver.family dog mauls child president of high school commits suicide". Evil is everywhere. No rational person on earth is oblivious to the effects of evil. One might ask: If there is a God, would he allow such evil to prevail? We believe that more than likely there is a God yet evil still exists. The question is why.
             Faith is the foundation upon which a belief in God is built. There is no definite scientific evidence concluding that there is in fact a God. That which is of faith is not demonstrable. However, there is no proof against the One either. Therefore, there is no reason to withhold judgement, as do agnostics, because that, in a sense, is rejecting Him claims James William. Interestingly enough, studies have shown that those who show some interest in spiritual health are happier and they live longer than those who do not. People find solace when they attend church functions or ceremonies. It provides for them peace and comfort and it draws them away from their repetitious day to day activities. Knowing that there is something after this lifetime keeps those who have grievances or are ill from becoming depressed because they believe that God has them "in the palm of his hand". Knowing that there is in fact a possibility of a God, we will assume that there is a God or some other spiritual being. .
             By definition, God is believed to be an omniscient, omnipotent and benevolent being. Omniscient means "all-knowing" and omnipotent means "all-powerful". If this is the case, He is able to prevent evil in every shape and form. Mackie says, "There are no limits to what an omnipotent being can do, and a good being always eliminates evil as far as it can". To some it is not fathomable to surmise that a benevolent God could look down upon His people and allow such evil to exist. Why would a God with supreme power not do something about my grandmother and my grandfathers and my uncle dying? There are always unanswered questions and it sometimes seems that we are just helpless human victims.

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