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Violence Essay

            In our world today, there are many cases that violence may occur. Violence is terrible and painful, not just physically, but also emotionally and mentally if you are victim to it. Many people suffer and/or die through out violence of different causes. Violence happens everywhere so easily without any thought. For example, a thought of violence would be as simple as hitting somebody in the arm or calling them names. That's an act of violence both ways, mentally and physically, but it does not mean it can't be prevented from happening. There has to be a way to stop it and there are possible ways too. There are so many types of such violence. .
             In the novel, "Catch a Killer," Craig Corso had been bullied and called names all his life which cause emotional pain and violence. Then his parents, mainly his father though, did not seem to love Craig and made him feel unwanted and useless which made his life more miserable. He was always a good kid and never did things wrong, but his dad would never be proud of him. This type of violence between him and his father would have been domestic violence. .
             Domestic means violence within a family. If you are having problems, you won't want to turn to your family because you don't feel that they would care for you or be willing to help you out. As you have noticed there are many types violence. Craig ended up shooting and killing people because of his bad past from different types of violence. He was never harmful before, heck he didn't ever believe in fighting, but look what changed had him, they all made him what he became, a killer. .
             There is so much violence around the world today, and it needs to be stopped. War is a big part in it. So many people die, and usually it's because countries can't agree to something. Then brings up racial abuse/violence. .
             Racial means when somebody discriminates your rights for having a different color of skin.

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