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Violence In The Media

            What is the role and influence of television dealing with violence in today's modern society? Many feel as if violent acts depicted on TV are responsible for people's violent behavior. In today's society people are entertained through violence and producers want lots of people to watch TV so they try to make their programs interesting and full of action. They create tons of programs that show violent incidents and include inappropriate vocabulary. .
             There are many questions about who is to blame for the problems of violence that exist in our society. A lot of people think that if there were no violence on television, the world could be less violent. Many parents try to monitor what their children watch on TV, but sometimes this can be impossible. This means the kids have the freedom to choose what they want to see. TV violence is desensitizing our children and causing them to see violence as a normal thing.
             Many adults criticize the violence their children watch on TV, but they still enjoy watching violence because it makes television more interesting and exciting. As soon as most children get home from school or adults come home from work they immerse themselves in the violent world of television for hours. In my opinion, the real problem is that children, and some adults, don't know exactly how to deal with that violence. They try to imitate the behavior they see because they think that they will be like the TV heroes that they love so much or they get ideas their imaginations would have never thought of before viewing the TV program. I think that unless the government regulates what can be shown on television, there will be problems with people's personalities.
             There are reasons why television producers produce these violent shows. One reason is for economic interests. For example, the more exciting the TV programs are, the more money the producers get. If government controls programming, the TV channels will lose a lot of money; so whenever, government wants to control this, the TV channels will try to fight for their right of freedom of expression.

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