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Mrs. Dalloway

             The names used when referring to Clarissa Dalloway in this novel signifies different things. Dalloway is used in the novel to signify a lady of class. Somebody that is distinguished, who has responsibilities and power. It is also used so the reader sees her as Mrs.Dalloway the other half of her husband. She is her husband's wife when this term is used. This is displayed on page 1 when she says that she will buy the flowers herself. She is speaking to her help, which shows she is of a higher class because she can afford this. But also that she is planning a party for her husband and his career. This party is to advance his career.
             Clarissa is used so the readers picture a young woman that is schoolgirl like. She is filled with life and the curiosity to discover life. This is displayed on page 6 when she is speaking to Hugh. She says that Hugh always made her feel that she might be like a girl of eighteen and that she feels school girlish beside him. Before this is said she is referred to as Clarissa. The book purposely used the name Clarissa to ensure the reader would get this picture of the young women. She is also referred to Clarissa when Peter Walsh is thinking about her. He is a symbol of her life before she was married.
             She is used when she is reflecting on her true feelings this is displayed on page 36. She is looking in the mirror she sees herself as Clarissa Dalloway. Which is significant because she is both who she was before she was married and the women that she is now Mrs. Dalloway. Page 32 she sees herself as a man in this moment because she is attracted to a woman.
             There are many symbols throughout this novel. Two of them are flowers and the pocketknife. The flowers are a symbol of self-determination. This is evident on page 1 when Mrs. Dalloway says she will buy the flowers herself. Then the meaning of the flowers change into love. On page 118 when Richard comes home he brings her flowers after he didn't invite her to the lunch party.

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