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Mrs. Dalloway

             Dalloway, she portrays numerous complicating and intriguing passages in which she presents the readers with many questions and confusing scenarios. One particular section that I feel is very problematic and controversial, but also very interesting, is the passage in which Clarissa Dalloway discusses two major components that destroy one's privacy of soul: love and religion. Love, as she sees it, destroys the soul. Clarissa illustrates this idea through a middle-aged man, Peter Walsh, who is very emotionally attached to her. For Clarissa, Peter destroys her privacy by wanting to know everything and completely possessing her soul. In addition, Clarissa feels that religion can also destroy one's privacy. For instance, Mrs. Kilman, a bitter old woman, continually tries to know Clarissa's faults and sins. For me, this section has been very disturbing and frustrating; however, because of Clarissa Dalloway, I am now beginning to understand why she feels the way she does. What bothers me is the fact that a person can never completely know someone. You may think you know everything about them, but in actuality, everyone has secrets. .
             Privacy of soul has been a theme throughout this novel, and it's in this section thus the readers learn that one's privacy may not be as private as he or she thought. The problem for Clarissa Dalloway is that she feels through two major components her privacy is taken away from her. She describes these two components, Love and Religion, as being "detestable." This strikes me as being very odd. I have always felt that love is the most essential and promising thing one can have in this lifetime. To know someone so well and know what they"re thinking, or feeling, without them saying anything is a very unique gift. On the other hand, however, Clarissa would argue differently. For her, this kind of love is very overwhelming and unhealthy. For that reason, she can not lover Peter in the same way that he loves her because she feels as if he is trying to take away her individuality, and soul.

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