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             Everyone passes strangers throughout life. Each stranger has a life completely different than the people we pass each day. But every now and again we are similar in thought. Although we know not what each thinks, our thoughts converge in similar fashions. Whether it be something in the sky or on the road, or watching a musical concert when the climax of the performance reaches its end. For the briefest of moments we converge. In Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway, characters converge. Woolf is telling the reader that people are similar, and we are not alone. Whether it be the suicidal Septimus, or the equally suicidal Mrs. Dalloway, they each bear similarities to one another even though the way they present themselves is different. Strangers and friends who pass each other yet converge in one time and think alike. In the book strangers and friends converge.
             Woolf sets this understanding up well into the beginning of the book by showing us a simple way how people react similarly and converge. In Chapter 2 of the book, a limousine passes by the people and each react to the car in a similar fashion. They all think it to be someone of great importance. Great importance to Great Britain. Is it a highly ranked political figure? The queen perhaps. Woolf in this scene sets up a theme in which people of different value or worth think a like and converge. In this scene it is the symbol of the limousine. .
             The symbol of their country. All the people change their demeanor towards the object. The object of Great Britain. They all think it IS Great Britain. Even Septimus, although his reaction is different, he does see it as all the people at the scene sees it. Great Britain. .
             Mrs. Dalloway thinks like the crowd that it must be someone of great importance. Woolf illustrates Dalloway's thoughts of the car and how she reacts with others who sees it as well. "It is probably the Queen, thought Mrs. Dalloway, coming out of Mulberry's with her flowers; the Queen.

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