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            In today's growing world of computer technology we are starting to see many new uses of digital computer technology being applied to existent products, and creating new better products. Those products in fact get combined and integrated into still other products. Just think of the telephone. Once, the earpiece and the microphone piece were separate. Today they come in a variety of flavors. All the telephones have the ear and mouth piece attached together, most telephones have a digital dial pad instead of the old spinning disk thingy that one had to spin around and watch it slowly spin back for every number dialed. Answering machines, which are completely different devices sometimes come built into the telephone. Also, the radio technology is implemented to bring us a new and convenient way to walk around our house with the cordless phone. All these things make our lifestyle more convenient and efficient. Bill Howard talks about his visions for new products in the near future due to convergence of current computer technology and other electronic multimedia devices in this article.
             Bill envisions that "Your computer, your stereo gear, you cell phone, your PDA, and your telephone are going to start looking like and working with each other". It all sounds very realistic. I already use my computer as a stereo, and a phone. In fact, I almost never use my old stereo to listen to music and I make all of my long distance phone calls over a new service called Dialpad.com. The reason that I can't use it as a PDA or a cell phone is that they are still too big to be portable. Once a computer is developed the size of today's PDAs with the power of a good desktop it will become possible. Of course some of the other devices will be eliminated, like any form of floppy drives or even tape drives. Both will be replaced by DVD-RAM drives that will be able to rewrite to a DVD ROM a very large amount of times.

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