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The Theoretical Basis for Nursing

            The single most important evaluation criterion that one may use to judge the nursing theory is reality convergence because it evaluates the theory in relation to health, human beings and nursing. Importantly, reality convergence evaluates whether to reject or accept the basic premises of the theory (McEwen & Wills, 2014). Indeed, a theory can appear to suddenly change direction significantly in relation to one or several aspects of a real life situation. A concise judgment of the current formulation of the theory helps improve a presumption. Consequently, critics consider or prefer to use reality convergence since it relates to the interpretation, principles and methods of the nursing theory. The paper argues that reality convergence is the best approach in judging nursing theory; it also discusses the importance of the concept in judging nursing theory.
             Firstly, it is difficult to work with a theory that has not undergone the rigors of the scientific method. Indeed, nurses across the world may be uncomfortable with a nursing theory whose methods are not scientific or subject to any study. For instance, some nurses may reject a dialectic methodology if the dialectic reasoning and conclusion have not undergone any research. Arguably, if one assumes that a logistic approach is the only acceptable technique, then they may reject every non-logistic theory based on the judgment that it fails to reflect on reality (Meleis, 2011). Further, reality convergence allows one to decide which nursing theory is suitable to use as a structure for research, consultation, teaching or administration. In this regard, any critical estimation of the nursing theory should enable the critic to determine its nature, scope, limitations and conformity to the scientific method.
             Secondly, most theories around have their basis on one or several essential principles. Importantly, as the nursing theory develops, the conclusions made in the earlier arguments become the basis of creating a linked-chain of reasoning in later assertions (Polit & Beck, 2013).

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